Mercedes-Benz Power Liftgate

Mercedes-Benz Power Liftgate Benefits in Akron, OH

Benefits of Having a Power Liftgate

New vehicles today come with an array of convenience features that make life a little bit easier. A convenience feature that continues to grow in popularity is the power liftgate. Below we’ll inform you on the many benefits of having a power liftgate and which Mercedes-Benz vehicles come with it equipped.

How To: Power Liftgate

How To: Hands Free Access

Why have a power liftgate on your vehicle?

Life can be hectic at times. But a power liftgate can help. This feature allows you to fully open and close the liftgate using the button on the SmartKey remote or a switch on the driver’s interior door panel. There’s also a sensor that automatically stops the liftgate if it detects an obstruction and you can set the system to a specific opening height. This is useful for lower garages. Another feature to a power liftgate is hands-free access. This allows you power-open or close the trunk with a gentle “kick” of your foot under the rear bumper. The power liftgate and hands-free access are great features to have when your hands are full or if it’s raining.

Mercedes-Benz Vehicles with a Power Liftgate

There are many cutting-edge technologies in Mercedes-Benz vehicles, but a power liftgate may be the most practical for everyday use. If having this feature is a priority on your next vehicle, check out a list of Mercedes-Benz vehicles that have it equipped.

C-Class Sedan C-Class Coupe Power Liftgate

C-Class Sedan and C-Class Coupe

The C-Class is sporty, sleek and full of innovation. There are three trims in the C-Class sedan lineup and two in the C-Class Coupe. All of which offer optional power liftgate and even hands-free access.

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E-Class Sedan E-Class Coupe Power Liftgate

E-Class Sedan and E-Class Coupe

The E-Class lineup has an appealing mix of performance, innovation and comfort. The two sedans and two coupe’s in the lineup have an optional power liftgate as well as optional hands-free access.

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C-Class Sedan C-Class Coupe Power Liftgate

GLC SUV and GLC Coupe

The GLC-Class is setting the standard for SUVs with its powerful and stylish personality. The power liftgate comes standard with hands-free access as an option on both lineups.

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