ACCESS Shelter Supported by Mercedes-Benz of Akron

ACCESS Shelter Supported by Mercedes-Benz of Akron

The past year has been difficult for all of us. Many innocent women and children have found themselves homeless and in need of shelter and basic necessities. That’s why Mercedes-Benz of Akron has partnered with ACCESS Shelter to help those who need it most. ACCESS Shelter can help these families to make it through tough times.

ACCESS Shelter is a charity dedicated to helping women and children in need. Their programs help women in trouble to get back on their feet by providing the tools they need to regain their self-esteem and become self-sufficient. ACCESS Shelter uses a holistic approach, creating a safe environment for these women to learn and grow.

Their programs specialize in housing, advocacy and empowerment. Each year, they help countless local women get back on their feet after troubling times, setting them up for lifelong success. It’s a worthy cause, and one that we’re proud to contribute to. By shopping for your next car at Mercedes-Benz of Akron, you can help, too.

We’re pleased to announce that, for 2021, a portion of the proceeds from every car sold at Mercedes-Benz of Akron will go towards helping ACCESS Shelter. With your help, we can raise money to help this important organization. We’re looking forward to presenting the team at ACCESS Shelter with a large donation through our team’s efforts and with our client’s help.

Of course, there are several other ways you can contribute. You can donate directly to ACCESS Shelter via the link at the bottom of this page. You can also help out by purchasing items from their Amazon wish list, which will go directly towards helping needy women and children. Together, we can help local women overcome terrible personal tragedies and show them what they’re truly capable of as strong, empowered human beings.