All About the AMG® Division of Mercedes-Benz for Canton, Ohio Drivers

Mercedes-Benz of Akron AMG Info

What is AMG®?

AMG® represents more than the performance division of Mercedes-Benz. It’s not just performance that makes it superior — it’s the optimized driving experience that comes with any AMG® model. Whether it’s a cabriolet, SUV, sedan, or a sporty coupe, the AMG® inventory is embellished with breathtaking performance. Hopping behind the wheel of an AMG® model will appeal to your senses because it was designed to.

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AMG® History Unfolded

Like a breath of fresh air, the AMG® offers something drivers need. The foundation for AMG® was laid in 1967 by Hans-Werner Aufrecht and Erhard Melcher. The goal was always to stand against racing teams, and the AMG® line prevailed. By 1971, they took home the “24 Hours of Spa” win with the AMG® 300 SEL 6.8. From that moment on, the letters A, M, and G were famous around the world. Each letter holds its own meaning. A stand for a true visionary, Aufrecht. M stands for Melcher, the technical genius. G represents Großaspach, the birthplace of Hans Werner Aufrecht. AMG® has kept the spirit of achieving the impossible alive, even today.

What Makes these Vehicles Tick?

It’s more than muscle, and it’s more than advanced engineering – it’s a generation of greatness. You might see your fair share of luxury models frequenting the roads in Akron, Ohio, but none will be like the AMG® lineup. It takes but a few to enjoy a normal vehicle. For an AMG®, over 800 of our 1,500 employees work tirelessly to create the perfect concept.

You’ll know a Mercedes-Benz AMG® when you see one. Every bold body line stands out more than the last one, and the performance can be heard from miles away. Whether it’s the smooth shifts and superior handling or the growl of an AMG® model, you’ll know you have full control on the road. The philosophy of the AMG® always reigns true!

The Mercedes-Benz AMG® lineup offers bold designs and hand-made craftsmanship. If you’re looking for a vehicle that is a pinnacle for automotive design and that stands out amongst its class, this is the one. You’ll do well in the powerhouse that is the AMG® lineup.

Lose Yourself in the AMG® Lineup at Mercedes-Benz of Akron

If you’re ready to learn more about the incomparable AMG® lineup, contact Mercedes-Benz of Akron! Lose yourself in a notable vehicle that can feature anything from a 4-cylinder to a V6, V8, and even a V12. Apply for financing if you’ve already found the one, we’re just as ready as you.