Mercedes-Benz Lease Return Guide

Mercedes-Benz Lease Return in Akron, OH

3 Options At The End of Your Lease

The First Class Finish® is our lease-end process that is specifically designed to be as simple and straightforward as possible. At Mercedes-Benz of Akron we help you cruise effortlessly through the lease return process.

New Mercedes-Benz Vehicles in Akron, OH

Get a New Mercedes-Benz

New Vehicles

Mercedes-Benz of Akron will gladly help you pick out a new vehicle from our excellent selection of inventory. We’ll make it as easy as possible for your to turn in your lease and pick out your next Mercedes-Benz.

Payment Waivers

Often times, we can waive some of your remaining payments on your current Mercedes-Benz to get you into a new one sooner. Whether you’re looking to lease the newest model or upgrade to newer technology, we’ll find the best Mercedes-Benz to fit your lifestyle.

Lease Loyalty Incentives

In appreciation of your loyalty as a Mercedes-Benz customer, we typically have lease loyalty incentives available such as bonus cash and special lease rates. At Mercedes-Benz of Akron, we’ll ensure you’re receiving the best offer possible with loyalty incentives.

$500 Wear-and-Use Waiver

If you choose to purchase a new Mercedes-Benz, we will credit your account for excess wear-and-use charges up to $500.

$595 Vehicle Turn-In Waiver

You will also receive $595 credit for the vehicle turn-in fee if you lease or finance your next Mercedes-Benz vehicle.

Purchase Your Mercedes-Benz in Akron, OH

Purchase Your Mercedes-Benz

You also have the option of keeping your Mercedes-Benz. If you decide to purchase your Mercedes-Benz, we can arrange financing and provide you with options for extending warranty coverage. If you’re interested in purchasing your Mercedes-Benz please contact us for more information.

Extend Your Lease

If you’re satisfied with your current Mercedes-Benz, you can absolutely extend your lease for a bit longer. Please contact us for more information.

Lease Return Your Mercedes-Benz in Akron, OH

Return Your Mercedes-Benz

You have the option of returning your Mercedes-Benz without purchasing a new one.
The process for returning your vehicle starts approximately four months prior to your lease maturity date and includes the following steps:

Third-Party Vehicle Pre-Inspection

The first step of the lease return process is to schedule a vehicle pre-inspection. You will be contacted by an MBFS representative approximately 120 days before your contract maturity date to schedule an appointment with the independent third-party inspection company that conducts MBFS inspections. You will be able to choose the time and location that’s most convenient, including at home, at work, or at Mercedes-Benz of Akron.

The Credit Card Test®

We recommend using The Credit Card Test® to assess some of your interior and exterior damage. Typically, if interior and exterior damage cannot be seen when a standard-size credit card is placed over it, you won’t be charged.*

*The Credit Card Test® does not apply for damage to windshields, lights, wheels, tires, exterior cracks, gouges, collective damage, or holes in the sheet metal.

Return Your Vehicle

Contact our dealership at (330) 733-7511 to schedule a day and time to return your vehicle.

Review Pre-Inspection Results

You will be able to review your pre-inspection report online at Once you review the report, you can explore the option of repairing any excess wear and use items with Mercedes-Benz of Akron in advance of your expected vehicle return date.

Lease-End Statement

Receive your final lease-end statement in the mail+, detailing any charges incurred for mileage overages and/or excess wear and use. Charges will be based on the final, third-party vehicle inspection to be conducted at vehicle turn-in.

+ In cases where your third-party pre-inspection report indicates no charges for excess wear and use items, and the condition of your vehicle at turn-in has not changed since pre-inspection, your dealer may be able to present you with a final lease-end statement. For leases contracted in Wisconsin, the final inspection will be used for billing purposes and the pre-inspection is for informational purposes only.