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MMercedes-Benz Brake Service Near Canton And Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Mercedes-Benz of Akron Brake Service

Brakes are one of the most critical safety features on your Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a braking system tailored exactly to the vehicle’s unique specifications. Precision-engineered brake pads and rotors provide superior mechanical strength and are manufactured to deliver exceptional stopping power. Brakes are designed to slowly wear out over time and eventually will need replacement.

When should I replace my brakes?

When you begin to experience symptoms of worn-out brakes, it’s important to have your brakes inspected and serviced by Certified Mercedes-Benz Technicians. You can often tell from driving your vehicle if your brakes need some attention. Below are some indicators of a potential problem.

Mercedes-Benz brake warning light
  • A “Service Brakes” dashboard indicator warning light.
  • A metal-on-metal “grinding” or “screeching” sound when brakes are in use.
  • Feeling the vehicle vibrate while braking or taking a longer distance to completely stop.
  • Requiring more pressure applied to the brake pedal while stopping.

Have Your Brakes Inspected & Serviced at Mercedes-Benz of Akron

Mercedes brake service certified technicians

Each year, faulty brakes are the cause of thousands of accidents across the country. Brakes are serious business. Our Certified Mercedes-Benz Service Technicians are able to diagnose and repair brake components on your vehicle. We use only Genuine Mercedes-Benz replacement parts, giving you confidence that your vehicle will deliver superior performance compared to aftermarket parts. Proper brake maintenance protects not only you and your passengers, but keeps other drivers safe on the road.

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